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Introduction to African Cruises

African cruises have increased in popularity since the beginning of the century due to the vast choices available. Most African cruises depart from ports in either Africa itself or Europe, although there are some cruise companies who offer long voyages departing from the United States. Below is a selection of cruise companies who offer African cruises.

Mumbai to Southampton with PO Cruises

African just sizzles with an abundance of beauty, mystery and romance. Setting sail from Mumbai the first port of call will be Safaga where a tour of the stunning Valley of the Kings is part of the cruise exertion. Just imagine walking amongst the tombs of the Pharaohs and the stunning temples. Safaga is also close to Hurghada which has highly rated clear waters, making it a scuba divers treat.

The next stop is Sharm el Sheikh which is next to the Red Sea and also a good spot for the enthusiastic diver. Following this it's off to Suez where there is an option to take a tour to Cairo and view the sensational pyramids. If this does not appeal, stay on board Arcadia to sail through the Suez Canal. There are two more destinations before reaching Southampton- beautiful romantic Athens and then breathtaking Rome.

The price for a 17 night cruise with this company starts at $222.97 per person, there are options to upgrade but this will obviously add to the cost.

Thompson Celebration Cruise

The interesting and vibrant Thompson African cruise will take you on an exciting voyage of adventure, history and beautiful destinations to get your taste buds going. Starting from Sharm El Sheik renowned for its rainbow coloured reefs beneath glittering blue seas the cruise travels to Aqaba famous for the Aqaba Fort believed to be the oldest church in the world. Arriving in port Sokhna five days into the cruise will enable you to take an excursion to Cairo with all its treasures and pyramids to explore followed by Safaga with its incredible history of Egyptian temples. The cruise ends back at Sharm El Sheik.

The price for this cruise is $5,511 for 7 nights and includes airfare and coach transfers from London.

MSC Cruises

If a less expensive short cruise is on the agenda then this four night African could be just the one. Departing from Durban with its beautiful blue-green waters and golden sands the next port is the capital Maputo which is popular for its busy night life with many bars and discos to chose from. Last on the menu is the Portuguese Island, Mozambique. This is the perfect quiet 'getaway from it all' with endless beautiful white beaches, and tropical waters where you can swim and snorkel and take in the wonders of the coral and marine life. The price tag comes at $1,385.69 per person in January/February 2011 and $1,524.72 per person in March 2011.

Cunard - America to Capetown

Cunard Cruises offer an extravagant 24 nights cruise which encompasses a mix and match of Africa and South America, cruising both the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans. The cruise stops in ports such as Barbados with its charm and friendly atmosphere, Salvadore de Bahia in Brazil famous for its festivals and carnivals, Montevideo with its history of pioneering days and battles the it fought and finally Cape Town in South Africa one of the most beautiful, stunning cities of the world. To get a quote you have to either e-mail Cunard or telephone, although this is a fantastic option for US citizens who do not like the option of flying.


There are a number of cruises to and around Africa all with different itineraries, stops and excursions. The most popular cruises are those which encompass the countries of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco although depending on your tastes there is sure to be an African cruise suited to you. Cruise companies travel all around Africa and there are literally hundreds of options available.