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Caribbean Cruises

Bob Marley gently wafting past your ear.... the smell of salt spray.... a free buffet?! Yeah, you’re definitely on a Caribbean cruise! Caribbean cruises are unmistakable beacons of fun, and with winter approaching (or already here, for some of us....), taking off for sunnier climes can be just what you need to add some zip back into your otherwise drab existence.

But, what if you’ve never taken a cruise before, let alone one of the plethora of Caribbean cruises they offer nowadays? Don’t fret! This article will set you right. Read it, follow the tips, and you’ll be tanning by the pool before you can say “Oh pool boy, another mojito, please!”

What Cruise Line do you Want?

Each cruise line has its own distinctive style, and you want to make sure yours matches up. For example, Disney Cruise Lines are renowned for their family-friendly style, but what if you’re a single cruiser? These are things to think about. It’s nothing to stress over, just make sure you do your research - or call your travel agent! That’s what they’re there for, after all.

What Time is It?

When booking a cruise, particularly Caribbean cruises, time is very important, because those are the most popular destinations around. If you’re planning on spending the Christmas holidays, or perhaps a winter birthday, in the sun-drenched Bahamas, you’re going to want - need - to book well in advance. This not only ensures you’ll get a spot on the ship, but more importantly, it increases the odds that said spot won’t be next to the all-night disco.

Where Ya Headed, Mister?

You need to ask yourself where you want to go, and what you want to do when you get there. If you want to swim with dolphins, or shop for exotic souvenirs until your credit card is nothing more than a molten lump of plastic, you’d do well to find out if your cruise’s itinerary will let you. Additionally, length is important; the longer you stay, the more places you’ll see, but then again, the more it’ll cost you. Speaking of cost, winter is prime season for Caribbean cruises, so see if there are any deals available - your wallet will thank you!

Papers, Please...

This isn’t just a line out of an old World War II movie, it’s a memory aid! Most people (or at least some of them) don’t realize that Caribbean cruises often float into international & British waters. That means you’re going to need ID, a valid passport, and the like. You might be able to leave them at home if you’re on a short cruise that doesn’t leave U.S. waters, or a longer one where you stay on the ship the whole time, but it’s extremely doubtful, and besides, what’s the fun in staying aboard ship for the length of your cruise?

While we’re on the subject of paperwork, make sure your medical & insurance affairs are in order. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but sickness happens, and you’ll thank yourself for your foresight if you’ve eaten a bad bit of fish or something, and your papers are good to go.

Room For One More?

This one’s simple: Unless you’re explicitly planning on sailing alone (which is fine), bring some folks with you! After all, the more the merrier!

What you’ve just read is the framework for having a fun, safe cruise in the Caribbean. That being said, if you have questions you think this article has failed to answer, don’t hesitate to ask your travel agent for advice.... and don’t forget your sunscreen!