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Cruises Deals

It isn’t often you’ll have to pay sticker price for a cruise these days, but there are a few things you should do / rules you should follow to make sure that stays true. Follow these tips, and you’ll be lounging by the pool quicker than you can say “deep discount”!

Figure Out What You Need From Your Cruise

Are you cruising alone, or with kids? Are you on the hunt for a “cruising partner”? This is the kind of stuff you need to be asking yourself before you book your cruise, because in addition to saving you a lot of headaches, it’ll help when the time comes to look for cruises deals.

Dollars and Sense

Once you’ve figured out what sort of cruising experience you’re looking for, where you want to go, and when you want to get there, it’s time to find out what the cruise lines are charging for the options you’re interested in. This will give you a baseline to work from, and help you find the best cruises deals for the package that suits you best. It is worth noting that booking cruises can be a complex undertaking, so start early, get help (a travel agent), and don’t treat it like discount airfare - time isn’t on your side, so book early!

Bits & Bobs That Can Save You Some Bucks

If you’re cruising with kids, don’t be surprised if you have to pay adult prices for their berth. If you’re concerned about this, there are a fair number of “kid-friendly” cruising companies you might want to scope out. Sometimes, if there are spare adult berths in the class you paid for, they can have them for child’s prices - but there are no guarantees on where those spares will be, so before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that sweet deal doesn’t land you next to the all-night dance club!

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Time is of the essence when you’re looking for the best cruises deals. It can’t be stressed enough that finding a sweet bargain on that perfect cruise isn’t like snagging a cheap seat on the flight to the embarkation point - when it comes to booking a cruise, if you snooze, you lose. However, this can also mean planning your vacation around the holidays, as many cruise lines have peak & off seasons, just like hotels. Specialist travel agents can help you here, but again, pick one, and take action; you might save $50 if you shop around for a week, but then again, you might miss your cruise altogether!